Just Wrap That Tree and Put It Away!

Year after year, I have removed every ornament, dismantled the tree, and then forced it into a long clumsy box.  It was something we all dreaded doing in my house.  The next year we would unbox the same tree, put it together, reshape it, put the same lights on the tree, and put the same ornaments on the same damn tree.

Then, I saw this weird idea on the internet.  Someone wrapped their tree in plastic wrap and just threw it in the attic.  I laughed, but had to try it.  So, I ordered roll of large plastic wrap off of Amazon.

My process?

Well, it was pretty much impossible to screw up.  My wife secured the tree and I ran around it in circles with the plastic wrap.  After that, I used my heat gun and gave it a quick shrink.  Be careful not to burn the plastic.

I put the tree in our attic and my work was done!