10 Awesome Gifts For Wine Lovers

It can be difficult to find those awesome wine gifts for the wine lover in your life.  Check out these 10 Awesome Wine Gifts that will be sure to make someone smile:

1. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Wine Glass Bottle


Finally no more judgmental looks from family and friends when you continue to refill your glass. Our Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass holds a full bottle of wine. It truly is a wine glass that fits your needs.

2. Unbreakable Wine Glasses


Unbreakable Wine Glasses



Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses: Unbreakable, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe (8 Pack) by D’Eco- Our wine glasses allow you to have the look and feel of real glassware without worrying about breaking or shattering them. Each glass is made from Tritan, a plastic type material that looks like glass, but won’t shatter or break like glass. They are an elegant way to entertain. These crystal clear, extremely durable glasses are top rack dishwasher safe and made from BPA free materials. Great for parties, picnics, pools, or anywhere that you want carefree entertaining. This set includes 8 glasses.

3.  Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone Wine Glasses


These wine glasses are made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone instead of the usual glass, which makes them shatterproof and 100% safe to use at parties, events, picnics, get-togethers & even by your kids! Use them to drink any beverage from white to red wine, tequila, whiskey and even your favorite soft drink, or use them to create the perfect frozen base for cocktails.What’s more, these wonderful silicone wine glasses by Goodmanns are very easy to clean. The silicone is non-porous and can be cleaned very easily, and its surface is stain-free, meaning that red wine isn’t going to stain the glasses. Plus, the silicone is very durable and thick, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally puncturing it.

4. Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever



The Vinomaster is one of the best when it comes to wine openers. The reason why we’re comfortable saying this is because a lot of time was spent on the design and performance of the product with the emphasis on correcting some of the flaws of other products you might see on the market.

5. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter




The globally patented Zazzol Wine Aerator uses multistage aeration that more effectively aerates wine as you pour. Other aerators only use a single aeration design. The unique design aerates in 3 steps: first wine is dispersed over a cone, then drains through 32 holes, and lastly air is injected into the tube before the wine exits the bottom and into the glass. The multistage aeration allowing wine spread out throughly and efficiently mixes oxygen with the wine to break down the tannins which can give wine an overly astringent, bitter taste. The Zazzol’s multi stage aeration provides a more balanced finish while enhancing the aromas and flavors for the ideal glass of wine, every time!

6. Blomus Wall Mounted Wine Rack



When your shelf and cupboard space is limited, storing wine bottles can become an issue. Blomus solves the problem with this super stylish and space-efficient wall-mounted wine bottle holder. Handsomely and durably constructed of stainless steel in a contemporary brushed finish, the vertical rack features eight lined loops that hold bottles securely by the neck in a sideways fashion. You’ll keep corks moist as you impress friends with the gravity-defying look. Designed by German firm Floz Design, the bottle holder measures approximately 29 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide, and 3 inches deep, and is imported from Germany. Mounting hardware and instructions included.

7. WINESTEIN Double-Walled Stemware Mug




Is the Fred and Friends WINESTEIN a beer-lover’s wine glass, or a wine-lover’s beer glass? This beer mug with embedded inner wine glass brings tasteful humor to any party, while the double-walled glass construction keeps beverages cool. A broad, sturdy base prevents sloshes and spills, while the oversized handle makes it easy to hold. This product arrives handsomely boxed for gifting or storage. The WINESTEIN measures approximately 3-1/2 by 5 by 6 inches. This product is not dishwasher safe; hand-washing is recommended.

8. Winemaking Equipment Kit

Winemaking Kit


Making wine is easier to make than beer. You don’t need to boil your ingredients and results are very consistent when using our wine concentrate kits. Wine making does require more patience than home brewing as a wait of 2 – 6 months is needed before you start enjoying your wine. Transferring your wine from plastic primary to secondary is required to allow the wine to clear properly. Each concentrate kit makes 6 gallons when finished (except noted otherwise). You will typically end up with 25-30 bottles of your own wine to enjoy. Winemaking Equipment Kit with Double Lever Corker and Better Bottle Includes:7.8 gallon plastic fermenter with lid, 6 gallon Better Bottle, Stopper, Airlock, Bottle brush, Hydrometer, 4 ounces of Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Double Lever Corker, 30- #8 X 1 3/4″ straight corks, Racking cane, 5 feet of siphon tubing, Bottle filler, Shut-off clamp. See our corker page for more information on the different corkers.Note: The 6 gallon mark on the plastic fermenter is the bottom ring.

9. Clear Glass Wine Decanter


Wine Decanter


Clear Glass Wine Decanter (64oz) Dimensions: 9.5″h X 3.75″ Diameter Opening, 8.5″ Diameter Base Create AN Elegant Atmosphere AT Any Table Setting With This Magnificent Ship Decanter. Whether IT IS A Family Dinner OR A Lavish Party OR Event, This Stunning Decanter IS Sure TO Impress Your Guests And Makes A Great Conversation Piece. This Ships Decanter IS Made OF Quality Glass Material, Beautifully Shaped IN Style TO Favor Oxygenation. This Decanter Adds The Final Touch And Makes A Fabulous Gift For Any Occasion!

10. The World Atlas of Wine

Art of Wine Making


The seventh edition will confirm the status of The World Atlas of Wine as the most essential and authoritative wine reference work. Reflecting the changing nature of the wine scene, the Atlas details developments in climate, technique and fashion as well as new regulations made over the last six years. A new Australian map highlights the importance of cool-climate regions as global warming takes effect, for example,while dynamic regions such as coastal Croatia, South Africa’s Swartland and Ningxia in China are covered for the first time. The world’s increasing appetite for wine is matched by a growing thirst for knowledge,which this book will amply satisfy.